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Mag ni Dal no Chilo / Whole Lentil Savory Crepes

This chilo was introduced to me by my third elder sister S maybe 18 years back. At that time this chila was ok ok for me.
But last year when few health problems compelled us to go for a ayurveda medication. And our  vaid (doc ) had advised us to consume  moong dal (lentil) in our diet at the max. Be it splitted or whole or without skin or even as a sprout. One meal had to be consumed of this dal. So now I have around minimum ten recipes to prepare for this wonderful dal. And this chila comes to the top most as it is liked too much.

I googled a lot to obtain nutrition facts about this lentil.Want to share few of them with all you.

This lentil is rich in protein &  fiber.And when eaten as a sprout it becomes an excellent source of minerals like calcium, iron & potassium. Due to its high fiber content, it yields complex carb which helps in digestions. For those who wants to reduce weight , this is a P food. Very low in fat and carbs content.Naturally detoxifies the body too.
To brief it up we say in urdu,
 " Is dal ki taseer thandi hai "  (Meaning: Considered as a cooling food so to consume as much as possible)

For the Chilo: (Makes 5-6 )
1 cup whole mung dal soaked overnight or for 5 hours
1 clove garlic
1/4" inch ginger
1 green chilly
1/4 cup water
1/4 tsp of turmeric
1/2 tsp of red chilly powder
Salt to taste

1 small chopped onion
2-3 tbsp of chat masala

For the accompaniment
1 glass Buttermilk
2 pinches cumin powder
1 pinches of red chilly powder
Salt to taste

Pour Buttermilk in a glass. Add in cumin, red chilly powder & salt. Mix well & keep aside.

To prepare the chilo:- 

Grind together soaked whole moog dal + garlic + ginger + green chilly + water to a fine paste

Take out in a bowl. Mix in turmeric + red chilly + salt.

Now take a ladle (dont have deep ladle not to worry. Use your icecream scoop .........but plain one).Pour it on the medium hot nonstick pan or tava. spread in circular motion with light hand.Remember gas flame has to be kept to minimum. 

After few secs, sprinkle the chopped onion. Now take little oil and pour on the corners of the prepared chilo. 
Now scrape lightly with flat edged spoon from the sides. When you see it has browned a little turn over. (the cooking time is approximately 1 minuter after pouring oil).Cook on low flame on the onion side for 1/2 min or till it is little crisp.Turn over sprinkle Chat Masala on it.

Serve hot with prepared  Buttermilk.

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