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Badshah Pasand - A delicacy liked by a King

Badshah Pasand ?? Yes Badshah Pasand.
Mr P asked if I knew how to prepare it. Never heard this name. I asked him to describe it to me.
He says bread is fried and then dipped in milk. Oh! Shahi Tukda. Ya Ya ya. He is laughing.He boasted you didn't know. 
It is called Shahi Tukra or Double ka Meetha. No he said Badshah Pasand. And when I asked my Mother in Law, she also called it Badshah Pasand.
OK I did't know. 
Asked a few people if they knew about it. Na, it was Double Ka Meetha or Shahi Tukra.
Even  googled  to check if there was a dish related to this name. No success. Mr.P says  it is a regional thing. As this was first made in a Badshah's (Kitchen) and had become its favorites dishes on the menu. Thus came the name Badshah Pasand.
My view is Double ka meetha & shahi tukra are not same. Both are two different thing. Shahi Tukra is much heavier than Double Ka Meetha. Shahi tukra is made with Balai (Layers of cream which we get by boiling milk. The top layer)

Now Mr P has given the new name Badshah pasand meaning Liked by the king

OK so here I create my version of  Badshah Pasand AKA Shahi Tukra AKA Double Ka Meetha as it is commonly known.
When I served this at the dinner party. A few of my Hyderabadi friends commented this was not shahi tukra or double ka meetha. Well this is my version of double ka meetha. After tastings, it was a huge hit. And people were asking for second servings. & recipe too.
Though this recipe requires a lot of time but it is worth every bite. We will prepare this recipe in 3 stages.

 For preparing Badshah Pasand

Step 1

500ml Full Fat Milk
3 - 4 tbsp sugar
2 pods of green cardamon powder (only seed not the green part)
2 pinches of saffron/zafran

Step 2
5- 6 pcs of a Bread 
6 - 7 tbsp of pure ghee (NOT BUTTER)

Step 3

1 /2 cups water
6tbsp sugar
1 whole green cardamon slightly crushed

For Garnish

 2 tbsp of pistachio powder
sliver leaves (I get this from India. So right know I am out of stock. But if you have please feel free to garnish)


First we will start with the preparation of milk as it takes time. In a heavy bottom pan pour milk. Mix in cardamon powder, sugar & saffron. 

Cook on a medium heat  till it leaves the sides of the pan. Remember to stir the milk from time to time. And once the milks starts thickening. Stir continuously. We dont want to burn the milk. If the milk is slightly burnt then it will destroy the whole dish. We are preparing a kingly dish. so just a little attention is needed at this stage. 


 Cut the edges of the  bread. Cut into desired shape. I have cut it into triangles and rectangles.Pour ghee in a non stick pan & shallow fry till light brown & crispy. Do this step with all the bread pieces and keep it aside.


Now for the Sugar syrup (Chaasni)

 In a deep vessel pour together sugar , water & slightly crushed cardamon. Cook over medium heat till sugar melts.


Now take a piece of fried bread. Dip in sugar syrup. Just to cover the syrup on both sides. We don't want bread to get soft & soggy. Remove & spread the prepared milk (Step 1) on it.

Garnish with pistachios powder & Serve. This can be prepared a day before also.

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