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Two Layer Indian Bread/ Do Patri Roti/ Purdi Roti

It is quick fix Indian Bread/Roti. Making two breads at one time. Less work more results. Do Patri & Purdi means two in English. This roti can also be used for making wraps, folder and even samosas. Will be sharing the recipes related to it from time to time.

Makes 3 X 2 = 6 roti
The process of making this roti is very simple. You will need

2 cups Wheat flour
1/2 tsp salt
Water enough to form a medium soft dough
Oil for brushing
Wheat flour for dusting

  1. First of knead the soft dough with wheat flour + salt + water. Rest it for 10 minutes covering it with damp cloth. Now make six equal parts..
  2. Take 2 pieces of dough. Roll  into equal circle as shown in pic two. If not able to roll in equal circles then not to worry. As this dough is stretchable we can always adjust.
  3. Now brush these roll circle with oil*
  4. Take both the parts and dust with dry wheat flour*

  1. Now we have two pieces of rolled dough dusted with flour
  2. Join both the pieces together. Both the edges should come together. If one is short stretch to make it same.
  3. Again roll the dough into 5-6 cm circle.

  1. Place the prepared roti on a hot girdle/ tava/ non stick flat pan.
  2. When you see light bubbles.Turn over.
  3. Cook till you see little brown patches on one side. Turn over again and repeat the same process
  4. Remove from heat when done. Tap a little and separate the roti in two parts
  5. Repeat the process with all the dough.

Store in a container.Or else it will dry out


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