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This month has been crazier than I can ever imagine. Pressures of work, home, guests have left me fully exhausted.Am I complaining ?? NO. Because  at the end of the day, the feeling of fulfilling all the chores leave me with a satisfaction & rejuvenated for the next day. I think this is the way we all women are. Multitasking as a  wife, at job & home. What do you say??

Have I mentioned before I Love having guests at my place. Na I don't think so. 
There is  also a saying in Urdu 

" مہمان کے آنے سے گھر مے برکت آتی ہے ".

Meaning a house with guest is always blessed.And there is never shortage of food even  though there is little food prepared at that time. Have you ever experienced such a situation ?

Prepared lots of different varieties of food. But I had few requests specially  asking me about Thecha, as I use it in many of my recipes for that extra zing.
So thought about sharing with all of you.

Literally Thecha means to pound, crush (In hindi Thechna or kuchalna). Green chillies are crushed with garlic, cumin & coriander leaves. The paste is then poured over a very hot oil.Traditionally it is eaten with Jowar Bhakri.
This is also one of the authentic Maharashtrian masala using green chillies with other spices. It is also called a peasant's food
I was introduced to this recipe by my dearest husband. In fact he has taught me how to prepare it.
I  prepare & keep the grounded paste in fridge for about a week and use accordingly. Thecha is also used in multiple dishes to enhance the chilly factor.

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