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Kari - Ramadan ... An event to share Chapter 5

Today we have with us Rafeeda from Sweettoothraf. Does she need introduction??
 Na I don't think so at all.
 We all know her as a very warm & charming person. Though I have not met her personally but I have a feeling , she must at be the  the center of any group.  laughing , enjoying & creating a stir. I don't know  why but whenever I think of Rafee (as we all lovingly call her), this situation comes to my mind.

Over to you dear friend.

Blogging has opened up doors and windows to many mutually respecting and nourishing friendships. I must say that even though I have not met Humi personally, - InShaAllah, hope to meet her very soon after sorting out our schedules- I have always felt good about chatting to her about general issues and food, of course. She has been one sister who has been so kind to acknowledge my existence each and every time. Every comment of hers brightens up my day and I look forward to the classic traditional recipes that she shares on her page. Please do not think I am flattering you, Humi… it’s just the way I feel for you… J

When she requested me to do a guest post for her blog, I was very much keen to take onto it and another thing I wanted to do was to give her a very specific recipe that belongs to my background. I guess I should be introducing myself! I am Rafeeda, who blogs at The Big Sweet Toot, a working mother of two lovely daughters, a Keralite based in Dubai, UAE. I guess that’s a real synopsis of who I am! J Cooking started for me as a chore, and slowly developed to become a passion. I actually enjoying baking much more than cooking, however thanks to the evergrowing weight concerns, I am forced to keep my baking dreams in the backburner!

The recipe I am sharing today is a very traditional payasam/ kheer which normally my umma makes on Eid, which marks the end of Ramadan. Actually speaking, I never liked this payasam because of its strong cinnamon taste. I don’t mean I still like it, but then since she makes it very rarely, I do make it a point to gulp down a little sip so that I do not forget how it tastes like! We keep having guests for the whole day of Eid and everybody comes in to have a glass of this, as bachelors normally don’t make such kind of traditional recipes!

Without much ado, I guess I will move onto the recipe!

Kari - Cinnamon Flavored Rice and Coconut Payasam
Serves 6
Recipe courtesy: My umma!


1/2 cup rice, soaked overnight
1/4 coconut, grated
500 ml water
200 gm jaggery, or as per sweetness
2 peices of cinnamon, 1 inch each, slightly pound
1/2 tsp cardamom powder
1 tsp salt
1 large ripe plantain (nenthrapazham), chopped
Sufficient water


Coarsely grind the rice and coconut in your blender. Mix the water, jaggery, cinnamon and cardamom and bring to boil, till the jaggery is melted. Add the coarsely ground rice mixture and give it a nice stir. Add in the salt and the plantain. Cook till the mixture starts to thicken, around 5 minutes. Check for the sweetness and adjust the salt levels. Add water to slightly loosen the mixture. Serve warm.

The payasam thickens when kept and therefore, just before serving, add some warm water and give it a nice mix. 

The taste of this payasam is primarily the cinnamon, and also gives the sourness of the cooked plantain. You may replace the plaintain with some cooked chana dal as well, which is another variation.

Hope you all enjoyed reading the post as much I have liked preparing this post for Humi. Here’s wishing all of you a blessed Ramadan, which brings in joy, peace and contentment!

To know more about Rafeeda visit her @  The Big Sweet Toot

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