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Time flies too fast. Its been a year for our Baking Partner group. Though I am  six month old in this group, but I feel real close to this close knit family. I have made very good friends through this group & Swathi you are the best. Love your openness, helpful nature. Thanks for making me a part of this celebration.

Happy Anniversary.And hope we go stronger with each month.

This month was very hectic as Ramadan was starting & I was shifting my office base to home.In between I just forgot to prepare for our Baking Partners Challenge. I thought of dunking it. But then realized how can I ?? I am the host this time.  Well this time Swathi asked me  & Saraswati to give some challenge to our wonderful group of Bakers. I suggested Medovik / Russian Honey Cake & Saraswati suggested  Lemon Glow Shiffon Cake.
So here's my Russian Honey cake for the  celebration of  Baking Partners first anniversary.

MEDOVNIK (in Check & Slovakian), translated as HONEYCAKE or HONEYBREAD, is more than a cookie cake. This cake has its origin in Russia. This cake is known for its simplicity in terms of decoration.

Recipe adapted from AZ Cookbook & Momdish
Serves 12 persons makes 2  6"cake (with 4 layers)

For the Dough:
1 cup sugar
3 tbsp honey
80 gm unsalted butter, cut into cubes

1  tsp level baking soda
3 eggs

3 cups all-purpose flour


For the Dough

1.  In a separate bowl, mix together eggs & soda.
2.  Prepare the double boiler in such a manner that the bowl doesn't touch the water
3.  In a heat proof bowl bring  together sugar, butter & honey. Stir continuously till it is melted & blended about 5 -6 minutes
4.  Pour the egg mixture into it stirring continuously
5.  At this stage the mixture will whiten & increase in quantity. 
6.  Remove the bowl from the heat & add in the flour gradually mixing with a spoon after each addition. Dough will sticky at this stage.
7.   Let it cool a little.
8.   In the meantime prepare the baking sheet.
9.   Now divide the dough into 8 equal parts
10. Roll each part. Place it on the baking sheet &  now place a 6" plate on it. Trim the edges with a knife. Don't remove the edges from baking sheet
11. Bake in the middle rack @ 180 degrees for 4 - 5 minutes till light brown.
12. Loosed the baked cookie with a spatula. & keep on the wire to cool
13. Repeat with all the remaining layers.
14. Keep the trim edges. this will be used to decorate the cake.

For the Filling & Icing:
I have not followed any measurements for the filling but gone just by adding here & there the below ingredients. But for the reference, I am adding the measurement or check this link

200 gm Butter (I used  50 gms )
225 gm / 8 ounce cream cheese ( I used around 125 gm)
450 gm / 16 ounce whipping cream (I used 125 ml)
1 tin condense milk / 12ounces

  1. Mix  all the ingredients to make the icing
  2. Take a layer of the cookie cake. Spread the icing on it.
  3. Top with other layer of cookie cake. Repeat for all the layers
  4. Lastly cover the cake with the filling
  5. Finely crush the trim of the cookie cake in the food processor. 
  6. Cover  the cake with the crushed trims 
  7. Cover the cake with the cling film & refrigerate overnight.
  8. This cakes serves best after 24 hours as it will absorb all the cream & become soft.
Baking Partners

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