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Ramadan An event to share - Chapter 1

Welcome to my First event. Ramadan - An event to share.
Ramadan is the holiest month for muslims around the world.During this month we observe month long fast abstaining for food, drink from dawn to dusk. The purpose of fasting  is greater God-consciousness. From this awareness a person gains discipline, self-restraint and the ability to do good and give freely.  It also opens our eyes to the suffering of the less fortunate, their struggle for single meal of the day & makes us thankful for the things ,he the almighty has bestowed upon us.
Ironically the food is center part of this entire period. We prepare many varieties of savories  drinks & desserts also. So this event is all about FOOD, FOOD & food.
During this entire month, I am inviting  Non Bloggers & bloggers from various parts of the blogging world to share my space . We are celebrating the essence of Ramadan and its association with food.

Today we have  with us a very special person who has a lots of importance in my being who I am. 
She is the one who guided me through life
She is the one who taught me to find goodness in a person.
She is the one who consoled me when life was rough
She is the one who taught me to laugh in times of difficulties
She is the one who led me by her own example
She is the one who I admire in each part of life
She is one whom I can depend on forever
She is the pillar of strength

That beautiful person is my Mother.

So dear friends, today I have with me my ammi (mother) as a special non blogger person,the first guest post for this event. Ramadan- An event to share. 
So a very warmly welcome to my first guest Dr.Mrs.Anwarjahan. She used to teach in a university & was HOD (Head of Dept) for Urdu,Arabic & Persian department in MSU, Baroda. Now retired since 8 years, she is busy with attending calls from all her daughters and  making beautiful stuff  or purchasing all things in 4s for her daughters.
Since few weeks , she was insisting me on this special recipe, I should post on my blog. And I kept insisting  you prepare it for me & I will post it. So today she has graced us with this recipe which is very easy to prepare & taste just delicious. Well moms cooking is always best. No argument here.

I am just the narrator of the recipe here. The entire dish is prepared by her. Photographed by my beautiful sister(well well well she also has some surprise for us in store which will be disclosed as this event continues). 
So here comes the recipe. Enjoy .......Would love all your kind feedback.


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Recipe serves 3-4 people


500gm Gosht/Mutton
1 green chilly (can be added more for more spice)
1tbsp ginger paste
1 tbsp garlic paste
1 tbsp salt (adjust acc to taste)
2 tbsp oil

1 big potato cut into 1/2 inch slices
1 big tomato cut in 1/2 inch slices
1 big onion cut into 1/2 inch slices
oil for shallow frying

1 tbsp crushed black pepper (Adjust to your spice level)
3 -4 tbsp coriander powder

  1. In a pressure cooker mix  no I ingredients & cook till gosht becomes tender for 2 -3 whistles. 
  2. Prepare the no II ingredients.
  3. Heat oil. Start with shallow frying the potatoes. Once done remove & keep aside
  4. Removed 3/4 oil from the pan & fry the onions for a minute. Remove & keep aside
  5. Now remove all the oil from the pan & place tomatoes on it. fry on both the sides till it gets some color but not mushy. Keep aside
Assemble the Afghani Gosht:
  1. Now we will start layering our veggies on the previously  cooked meat/ gosht.
  2. First of all spread the fried potatoes. Sprinkle black pepper powder, then chopped coriander
  3. Now comes the fried onion.Sprinkle black pepper powder, then chopped coriander
  4. Lastly spread the fried tomatoes.Sprinkle black pepper powder, then chopped coriander
  5. Close the lid of the cooker & keep it on dum on a medium flame for a minute.(or till one whistle)
  6. Ready to be served with roti. Don't forget to garnish with fresh coriander leaves.

NOTEs from Ammi
  1. Boneless gosht / mutton works best for this recipe. (But there is no harm in using with   bones also)
  2. Chicken can be substituted for this recipe
  3. Don't add water while boiling gosht/mutton. Let it cook in its own juices
  4. Drain the oil properly from all the veggies.
  5. Serve hot. 

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