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Ramadan Kareem to all of my readers


 Ramadan is the holiest month for muslims around the world.This month falls on the 9th month of Islamic Lunar calender based on the movements of moon & commences with the sighting of new moon. Fasting is the 4th pillar of Islam (Faith, Prayer, Zakat{charity}, Fast, Pilgrimage {Hajj}) & this month muslims all over the wold observe month long fast abstaining from food,drink from dawn to dusk.

The fasting starts approximately 25 to 30 minutes  before dawn. We rouse from our sleepy beds for the breakfast ( called Suhoor or sehri) which is mostly a light meal. 

Our Prophet (peace be upon him) said,
                                 "Have Suhoor , for in Suhoor there is blessing"
Meaning even for a sip of water, Allah send mercy & his angels seek forgiveness for those who take suhoor.

We end our fast when the sun goes down with dates/ khajur & a glass of water as our Prophet (peace be upon him) did. This meal is called iftar. There are many varieties of savouries, drinks & desserts also.

In between dawn to dusk,we carry out our routine work along with reciting of the holy Quran, pray to seek his mercy & forgiveness for the sins committed. 

The purpose of fasting  is greater God-consciousness. The Qur'anic word is taqwa,meaning in a state of being constantly aware of God and what is right and wrong. From this awareness a person gains discipline, self-restraint and the ability to do good and give freely.  It also opens our eyes to the suffering of the less fortunate, their struggle for single meal of the day & makes us thankful for the things ,he has bestowed upon us. 

Have a Blessed Ramadan............


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