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Food Photography - Learning Through Experience

Hello friends,  
After the success of Ramadan series, we are launching a new series."Learning Through Experiences".So exactly what it is about ? Obviously it will be associated with food. But with the food styling tips & idea on how to take your pictures beautifully. In this series , I am inviting bloggers to share their experiences while taking pictures. When we talk about experiences it goes both ways good & bad.  There are many times when we think about how to shoot  the entire picture, ready our props , do the entire planning  but still the end result is not satisfying. So where are we going wrong. That's what we plan to learn in these series .

 Today we have our first guest for the series Rekha Radhakrishnan from Foodilicious Pictured. Completely apt to the name, her blog features beautiful food photographs tempting you to try her recipes. I would just say, visit her space & get inspired. Today she is sharing her knowledge & experiences about the food styling & photography.Thanks Rekha for accepting & sharing your experiences.

Hello to all Gheza-E-shiriin readers,
Firstly, I would like thank Huma for asking me to do the guest post. It's been an absolute pleasure to have connected with you here Huma. I first took notice of her blog during Ramadan where she had a event going " Ramadam - an event to share" ever since I have been a regular at her place.

A little of me, I am Rekha and Foodolicious pictured is my blog. A blog that was born out of my love for cooking and a passion that I wanted to record.  I am from Kerala and settled in Singapore; living with my husband and our daughter who is 5 now. A HR consultant by profession.  Cooking is something I have always loved to do but it really took off only after I moved to Singapore.  The amalgam of cuisines here inspired me into culinary world.

My excitement knew no limits when Huma asked me to do a post on food styling and photography. I immediately agreed to share my little ideas and thoughts of something I love doing the most.

“Make food look appetizing” - I came across this phrase in a food n wine magazine and something that has rubbed on to me. I try and capture food to look more appealing. I believe that food should appeal all your senses and it starts with your eyes.

I prefer to shoot in the day light and quite blessed with abundant natural light at home. For a perfect/spotless white background I shoot by the window with plenty of natural light coming in with a white board as the base. I do use the floor in the living which opens to the balcony and is showered with the morning sun light. (See the picture of Sulaimani tea).

I seldom shoot in the evenings or night. Low light photography is a challenge to work, and on those instances I rely on my tripod. Click here for an article from blogger’s buzz giving you an insight on lighting ideas and tips on food photography.  

Styling - I like to keep it simple and love working on a white background mostly. I feel it enhance the beauty of the dish. Yet, for me a lot depends on the food I shoot.

Some are best on light & some on a dark background. I like to try on with different props and backgrounds till I am pleased. Yes needs a lot of patience but trust me its fun and lot of learning in the process. Let your creativity run wild.

 Remember Props and garnishes can enhance your photo but they should not over shadow the food you are shooting.

Thank you for taking your time to read through my thoughts. Well not a professional but have shared with you all that I have learnt over this one year of my blogging and photography.  Yes every day, every photo, every recipe is learning and will be happy to hear your comments/feedbacks/suggestions. 

Thank you once again Huma for letting me do this little post on your wonderful blog.
Take care.

Read, Learn & Share - this is what this series is all about.   We will be waiting for your comments, questions and of course your feedback.

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