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Thanda Masala - A spice mix

I have been using this  masala in many recipes like Matar ki Chaat , Ande Ka Salan and you guys have been asking what this Thanda Masala is. Actually this masala is an invention of my dearest Mother in Law. Used in very small quantities it gives a distinctive taste to the dish and would be completely proper to say it elevates the taste of the dish.

Just two ingredients roasted in a tiny bit of oil & then grounded to a fine powder. Thanda aka cold  this is called as the two spices Bay Leaves & Samundari Jhaal are known to have cold soothing effect ( In Urdu we say thandi taaseer hai is masalo ki ). 

To the recipe


200 gm Bay leaves
50 gm Samundari jhaal / stone flower/ Dagad ka phool/ Pathar ka phool
1 tbsp of oil


  1. Heat a heavy bottom pan.  Add in 1/2 tbsp of oil followed by  bay leaves and roast till light change in color. Remove and cool
  2. Heat the remaining  add in the samundari jhaal and roast for about 5 minutes. Remove & cool.
  3. Note: Both the spices are roasted in low medium heat.
  4. When completely cool ground to powder.
  5. Seive it to get a fine powder. 
  6. Store in an airtight container  & use as required.
  7. Stays upto a year in the fridge
From all the queries , I have received regarding samundari jhaal , I  am adding the picture of it for better understanding . Samundari jhaal also known as dagad phool  or stone flower or pathar ka phool. This spice is mostly used in maharashtrian cuisine mainly in Kala or Goda Masala.

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