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Rymah Rice - Review

I am very fussy about the type of rice I use in my cooking. And believe that the real test of rice comes when it is cooked in pressure cooker with the outcome of fluffy, less starchy rice. 
 Living in UAE, we have many options of rice available.And now and then there are many brands introduced in this market. Rymah rice is one on them. 

 Team Rymah were kind enough to send me the sample for testing. From the sample provided , I cooked Rymah Rice three ways: Pressure Cooker , Open Pan  and Dum. And the results were amazing.The Texture of this rice is  great and the biggest thing is  the grains of  rice doesn't stick with each other due to the aging process used.
It has a  slightly nutty aroma  and  grains become long when cooked. Ryma Rice comes in an attractive packaging in 2,5,10 & 20 kg packs. I prepared 3 dishes from the sample provided giving me excellent results: Chicken Tahri, Sindhi Biryani & Plain Rice.
For more information on Rymah Rice , please visit their website: http://rymahrice.com/

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