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Cous Cous Na Gota - Guest Post for Yummy Food

Time has passed so quickly and again the holy month of Ramadan has come. Like every  year Lubna from Yummyfood is again hosting the event joys of fasting to feasting where she is inviting Muslim  blogger from all over the world to share their  food prepared during Ramadan .

Today, sharing with you a fusion recipe Cous Cous na Gota !!Arabic with a touch of my state Gujarat. Those familiar with gujarati food  must know how we gujjus love our snacks.  Gota  is round ball made from mix of gram flour & flour & some times semolina  using different flavoring like fenugreek, spring onions or spinach or a typical gota masala.But here I have somewhat twisted the original recipe and incorporated new flavors 

Lubna Ramadan Guest post

To know more, please hope over to Lubna's space here


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