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II Edition of Ramadan An Event to Share - Chapter 8

Her post Muttamaala - Egg Garlands had me enchanted and I hopped over to see who this blogger was.Was amazed at the simplicity and the way she presented all her recipes. A mother of three and a very talented blogger Hasna from  HasnasDelights is sharing with us Ramadan drink Gudbud Falooda.  I am definitely  making this  for my  iftar after seeing this yumm pics.Not to keep you all waiting.Over to you Hasna .


Ramadan Kareem to all of you. I've been a follower of Gheza-e-shirin since years, but got a chance to know Huma personally since we started an event together Ahlan Ramadan. Her blog title in itself is a different and innovative one which seeked my attention initial days. Thank you Huma for inviting me to be a part of your wonderful blog.
Ramadan in summer' is challenging for the Islamic followers ,especially those residing in the middle-east, who must go without food or drink for 15 hours this year. We should make effort to keep the sugar and fluid levels balanced in our body. Sip on water throughout the evening;atleast 8 glasses by bedtime. Serve yourselves and your family a dessert of fresh fruits and nuts, which are much more healthier than chocolates and candies. 

A tall glass of fruity rich Gudbud Falooda is a delicacy in summers, especially during Iftars. I try to invent various ways to please my fasting kids in a healthy way, without forcing them to take-in fruits- fresh and dry, nuts etc. This is one such delicious healthy treat to your kids, if you can substitute healthy ice creams instead of regular ones. Ice creams are not a must though. Using no-sugar ,low-fat ice creams during Iftars is a healthy approach. Having too much sugary and fatty meals during Iftar develop many health issues, dizziness, lack of energy for night prayers etc.
This faloods is inspired from Masterchef contest in which Chef Ajay Chopra Challenges its contestants to prepare a giant Gudbud Falooda. I didn't include all those layers; instead used those layers of which ingredients were available in my kitchen pantry.  Roohafza jelly can be substituted by any jelly of your choice, add one or two extra layers of different colored jellies; You can use normal sevai instead of Roohafza sevai etc. Choice and taste is yours :)

(Makes 4 glasses)

Basil seeds 2 tbsp
Fruits , chopped (apples,papaya, kiwi,banana,dates etc. )
Ruh hafza Jelly /A packet of red Jelly * ( You can use any one)
Ruh hafza Sevai/ Ordinary Sevai ( You can use any one)
Mango mousse
Ice Cream

Roohafza Jelly:

Gelatin                1 tbsp
Cold water          2 tbsp
Roohafza            1 cup
Water                  1/4 cups, at room temperature
Salt a pinch

Falooda Sevai:

Roohafza 1/4 cup
Water 1/4  cup
Cornflour 1/2 cup

Mango Mousse:

Mango pulp          400g
Gelating                1 tbsp
Curd                      1/2 cup
Whipping Cream   175ml ( a little more than 1/2 cup)
Water                     2 tbsp

1.Soak 1 tbsp Basil seed/Sabja in Roohafza and 1 tbsp in water separately for 10-15 minutes.
2. Make Roohafza Jelly or any red colored Jelly
Mix gelatin in cold water. Heat water and dissolve the gelatin mixture in eat. Don't boil it as gelatin becomes inactive when boiled. You can either use double boiler. Mix roohafza and salt with the dissolved gelatin mixture. Pour into a mould and place it in the freezer to set.

3.Prepare mango mousse:

4.Prepare Falooda Sevai:

Layering Falooda:

Layer 1: Roohafza Sabza
Layer 2: Fruits
Layer 3:Plain Sabza
Layer 4:  Jelly ( Cut into Diamonds/ Cubes)
Layer 5: Black Grapes
Layer 6: Red Sevai
Layer 7: Mango Mousse

Layer 8: Nuts
Layer 9:Ice cream
Drizzle little roohafza, dried rose petals(optional) and nuts on top


You can pour little rosemilk (prepared with roohafza and milk ) to the glass of layered falooda before adding ice cream.-- 

To know more about Hasna check our her blog, Facebook

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