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II Edition of Ramadan An Event to Share - Chapter 12

Two friends got together and created  Potsandpatterns  to share their experiences of food and life in general. Today one of them Shaima Al Tamimi is sharing with us how Ramadan & Eid is celebrated in Emirati household. Over to you Shaima.

Hello to the readers of Gheza-E-Shiriin, I am Shaima Al Tamimi, a hardcore foodie since I could remember. I live between Abu Dhabi and Doha, so i pretty much have  love hate relationship with my suitcase. I started this blog with my school friend Latifa Al Shamsi. Pots and Patterns is our outlet to store the labour of our hobbies and share it with the world.

As we welcome Ramadan into our lives, just like the new year, we take it upon us to explore and better ourselves. Spiritually, it is a time to intensify connections with God through prayer, charity and rekindling relationships with relatives and friends, most of the time over iftar gatherings.
If you are not familiar with Ramadan, I’ve written about our rituals here a couple of years ago.

Today, I’m sharing a recipe that is not only delicious and refreshing, but also very close to my heart. When I was younger (and until today), my dad would dabble in the kitchen every now and then to whip up delicious dishes for us; a famished family of 6. His cooking style is very adventurous and at times, is based on re-inventing recipes according to whatever takes his fancy. This white cheese veggie dip has made it to our Iftar table for many years and is immediately wiped down with warm wholemeal toast followed by a cold glass of the Arab gulf’s favourite berry cordial drink, Vimto. When my dad is too tired to make this before we break fast, my baby brother makes it instead. It is not iftar without this creamy veggie dip.

So here goes the recipe:

1 cup White Cheese
2 chopped medium tomatoes
3/4th cup chopped parsley.
Olive Oil

With a fork, mash down the white cheese on a plate  until its soft and creamy. Add the chopped tomatoes and mash through again.
Mix in the parsley and finish off with generous drizzles of Olive Oil.
Enjoy as a dip for bread or crudites and even use as sandwhich spread.

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