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II Edition of Ramadan: An Event to Share - Chapter 4

Our today's guest is a duo  of Jethani (Big sister in Law ) & Derani ( Small sister in law) who started the blog Sasuma's Recipe to pay tribute to their mother in law from whom they learnt cooking. Love the way each of their recipes show respect and love to their mother in law. Not keep you wait with my chatter lets proceed to their post and see what they have in store for us.
JazakAllah, Huma  for inviting and giving us this opportunity to celebrate Ramadan with a new stream of readers. We are highly honoured and would like to wish you all “Ramadan Kareem”  to the readers of Gheza-E-Shirin.  Ramadan is a month of fasting, Ibadah.
We both sister in laws , Sana Irfan Nadiadwala and Rukhsar Rizwan Nadiadwala started this page Sasuma's Recipe - Lets Get CooKing  as a tribute to their mother-in-law(Rukhsana Nadiadwala) and her sister(Kauser Syed) from whom they learned not only cooking but many valuable lessons of life. Also Kauser Syed, Elder sister is very supportive and herself talented too…JazakAllahu khair to all of them…

A tribute to a mother-in-law who shows what true motherhood is all about.
Your kindness has inspired me in more ways than one.
The time we shared meant so much to me and I had a lot of fun.
You taught me the true meaning of a mother’s love.
You reminded me when I was in doubt to look up above.
Your strength is amazing through this hard time.
You’re more than a mother-in-law, you’re a best friend of mine…
Lots of  thanks to ladies for imparting us knowledge.

We cook many varieties for Iftar in Ramadan.

 But the all time favourite is Dana Chicken, a speciality of Gujarat.  It is a dish that is served on the streets of Ahmedabad to the menus of A grade Restaurants

To check more about Sasuma's Recipe visit them @ facebook , blog

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