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Sulemani Halwa - Guest Post for Saffron Pudding

Life has been with ups and downs from the start of Ramadan. On the eve of Ramadan, ammi was detected with Cancer. All four of us were too shattered beyond thinking as she is our pillar of strength. Not only for  us but the entire family. Saturday and Sunday being holiday in India we were with muddle  of thoughts on what to do and how take it further. As if my heart was bleeding, remembering her hugs , her warmth , her eyes full of love. It was more saddening for me as  I could not be with her due to my responsibilities here when she needed me. Life is tough. 

On Monday, the reports confirmed  that this was an early stage and we can cure it. The same day we told her about the results and so like her she took it on with a smile. Her positive attitude and her belief in Allah made things so easy on her. When I called her asking her how she was, she said completely fine. Why do you worry? Jo Allahpak ne mujhe diya maine har cheez khushi se kubool ki hai to yeh bimari kyun nahi.(I have accepted each thing, Almighty has given me with a smile on my face so why not this disease). So true are her words. All the others surrounding her were full of worry and she was as usual taking it on like a stone scattered on a pathway which has to be removed.For all those reading this, a request to please remember her in this holy month and pray she overcomes this battle with cancer.
But during this period my belief in Allah and his rasool has been more stronger day by day. As if  he is testing my patience with how I handle things. I don't know if I have succeeded in his eyes but know for one thing for sure that my Allah will be there to guide me and keep me in his circle of blessings. Each day as it passes, I have started to thank him for so much goodness, happiness he has bestowed over me.

Life moves on and we have to fulfill our commitments and promises we have made. Few months back, I had promised my dear friend Fatimah who blogs at  Saffron Pudding, about the guest post in Ramadan.
Saffron Pudding  has been one of my favorite blogs and I love the way how Fatimah's posts  surround around her family specially the recipes shared by her grandmother. This takes be back to the time where a young girl  i.e. me was  eager to gain knowledge of everything my nani (Mother’s mother) had to offer. 
   So friends, today I am doing a guest post for one of my  favorite bloggers. Sharing a ramadan recipe, Sulemani Halwa.

To know more about this Heirloom recipe, check out her space. Here

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