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Stove Top Swiss Roll

With the passing days, we have accepted the truth of  ammi's and papa's health and trying to move forward to normalcy of life. Though there's a constant thought at the back of my mind the suffering ammi is going through. She has lots on her palate. Dealing with her illness along with constant worry about papa. After a her illness news ,nearly three months gap I met her and was amazed to see her strength. Tried to remain calm on  outer side greeting her  with a full smile continuously praying to Allah and his Rasul  that she doesn't see my inner turmoil.  
As usual she  hugged me tightly with the warmest smile with the unspoken words that everything is fine and we will deal and overcome with it together.  She had lost weight and the signs of chemo had started showing. Its hard to see your loved ones deteriorating day by day. Hard too hard...
On my visit she asked me to prepare a daily chart for her to eat when she is hungry. She is avoiding sugar . And some foods are giving her a nauseous feel. So I am trying to form a daily food regime about liquids and the dishes she can eat , prepared with minimum fuss and quick to prepare. As my eldest sister is with them 24X7, it is a challenge for her to take care of both my parents together and feeding them with nutritious food. She is our family's soup queen preparing delicious soups. So with one soups, we are trying to have one side dish too and an array of snacks with some quickie lunch ideas.
Today I have brought my mom favorite Swiss Roll. Came across this recipe few months back on my dear friend Rafee space and I knew ammi would love it. Made one alteration. Omitted sugar and replaced with same amount of honey. Not a bit difference in taste or texture. Flavored with my homemade strawberry conserve

To the recipe


For the roll
2 eggs
2 tbsp honey
pinch of salt
1/4 tsp of vanilla essence
4 tbsp plain flour


3 tbsp strawberry conserve or strawberry jam


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  1.   Crack the eggs in a bowl  & add  pinch of salt 
  2.    Beat for about 30 sec till foamy.
  3.    Add in two tbsp of honey and beat on high speed till double in volume
  4.   Add in vanilla essence and flour.
  5.  Beat till all is mixed.
  6. Grease the non stick pan. Pour the prepared batter on it. Cover with a lid
  7.  Now put the prepared pan on the lowest gas flame for about 5 -6 minutes.
  8. When the batter does not stick to your finger it is ready

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  1.   Remove the prepared roll on a tissue paper.
  2.  Spread the strawberry conserve /jam on it 
  3. and roll it.
  4. Keep for 5 to 10 mins and cut & serve.

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