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Mutabbal - A Middle Eastern Dip

Returning to the space I love after a long time, words are getting meshed. There is a lot to say but it is  difficult to translate my feeling into words. Words get choked. Though trying to move on . But the emptiness within me has surrounded too much. I am doing things mechanically. It seems , I  was just cajoling myself that I am totally prepared for this day. But I am not.  Life has become a reflection of an  empty space which will be eternally void. During this time I am only trying to keep myself busy. Pretending to be unfeeling. Though I weep internally each second for loss  which was already destined.
Moutabbal or Mutabbal is Syrian dip. Mr.K is too fond of it. So I prepare and keep a weekly stock of it  along with Hummus for his instant craving. We only have to order Khubz (Lebanese bread)to go along with it ,  which is just a call away.

The prep starts with roasting  a big eggplant. I usually put it directly on the flame. No oil. Just plain and keep turning from time to time so it gets roasted evenly from all sides.

Remove the roasted eggplant  from the flame and crush slightly with the back of a spoon. Remove the skin.

The wonderful aroma of roasting has filled my entire kitchen.Finding happiness in small things Remove the seeds if there are many. We like the crunchiness of the seed. So I have kept it.

Now put together all the below mentioned ingredients. Usually  parsley is added while making Mutabbal. But  I didn't have in in stock with me. So have used coriander. 

Mix with the back of the spoon. You need to mash it properly so it becomes completely mixed up.

Just as shown in the picture. The texture of this dip is crumbly not a fine paste.

Now take a nice piece of crockery. Plate will be ok. Spread the prepared Mutabbal on the plate. Taking again the back of the spoon rotate the plate to give a little dept in the mutabbal. Pour over lots of olive oil. Sprinkle some joy with pomegranate seeds. And you are good to go.

Enjoy with Khubz.

To the recipe.

Serves :2


1 big size eggplant
2 tsp yogurt
1 tsp tahina
1/4 tsp lemon juice
few sprigs of coriander or parsley
Salt to taste

Olive oils
Pomegranate seeds.

  1. Roast the eggplant on the gas flame. Keep turning from time to time so it gets roasted evenly.
  2. When roasted , crush and remove the skin and its head.
  3. Add  yogurt, tahina, lemon juice, salt & coriander leaves.
  4. Mix properly till combined
  5. Garnish with olive oil & pomegranate seeds
  6. Serve with Khubz / pita bread.

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