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Butter Scotch Ice Cream

Preparing ice cream is easy . But believe me taking pictures was not.This is the longest time , I took to post a recipe. Hhhm!!

I literally had to Google out to check how my fellow bloggers & photographers take pics for this sweet indulgence with so much finace. In between I was amazed to see that many posts with  fake ice cream (a mix of butter cream & heavy mix of  icing sugar) was used to take pictures. Frankly speaking , I don't like to deceive people. No offence to others who are following this fake recipe to take pictures. But for me it is a complete NO NO. 
This is the best pic of the lot I took. And still trying out to take pics till the last scoop so lets see if I pass the challenge of  taking the picture to my satisfaction. Till then , please enjoy this cuppa of my Butterscotch Ice cream. 

Servings:  750 - 800 gms


375 ml cream CHILLED
400 gm condense milk (1 tin)
1 tsp vanilla essence

For preparing basic ice cream  click HERE

1 recipe of Almond Brittle


  1. Prepare the basic ice cream. Set it for 4 hours till semi set stage
  2. Prepare the almond brittle & crush it
  3. Now add the crushed brittle to semi set ice cream
  4. Chill in refrigerator overnight at medium temperature.
  5. njoy.


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